Sleeper plant beds

Railway sleepers commonly called just sleepers have become more popular over recent years.

A very versatile, strong and long lasting material if used correctly will allow your feature stand the test of time.

Sleepers walls are a great alternative and cheaper alternative when compared to a brick wall when it comes to retaining walls.

Treated correctly sleepers can last well over 15 years.

Sleeper retaining walls

There is also several different types of sleeper available.

The most popular sleeper we know is the railway sleeper. These are reclaimed back from the railways and are often heavy solid blocks of timber showing signs of oily usage from years of trains hardship.

These days there is a low cost alternative to the traditional railway sleepers known as the sleeper. Whilst technically not actually a sleepers these hand sawn blocks of wood are the approximate size of railway sleepers. 8ft long, 8 inches high and 4 inches wide.

The new modern sleepers comes in Bronze / brown and green in colour but we recommend that you always treat any timber including your new sleepers with a high quality wood stain and protector on a regular basis. Not only will this protect timber and prolong the life but you also have the choice of colours.

sleeper plant beds

Sleeper plant beds

Above we see another example of how sleepers can be used in any situation. Here we used sleepers to create several plant beds and vegetable patches. These are now ready to be filled with soil and seeded.

If you have any requirements for working with sleepers please send us a message via our website requesting a free quote.

We have a vast experience working with sleepers in and around the Redditch area.