Block Paving services

We offer professional block paving in Redditch and surrounding areas.

Our landscape services include paving, slabbing, brickwork for drives, gardens, patios, walkways, and walls.

Below we are going to take a look at the reasons you should try a professional and experienced block paving company.

You can see more examples of our work by checking out our case studies.

DIY paving v’s Professional paving company

When it comes to your project you will have to make a decision if you want to pave the area yourself (DIY) or if you will get the services of a professional company like Redditch Paving.

Some people are great at DIY and have an eye for the finer details and for some DIY paving will not be a problem. For the majority however should seriously consider contracting the services of an experienced company.

With many years of experience our skilled workforce will ensure you have the right levels and you can be confident the job will be done correctly.

Below is just one of many hurdles faced by paving companies and only experienced workforce will overcome issues like these with no problems.

Drains & Manholes

As you can see from these images drains and man holes can offer a challenging obstacle to work around. Many gardens and areas will have some sort of drain / manhole and only with experience will you be able to work around these obstacles.

In these few pictures we highlight below how a professional block paving company can turn your head ache into a nice looking flush looking patio or driveway.

The above pictures demonstrates how an unsightly man hole can be turned into a nice looking paved / slabbed area and still retain access down into the drains.