We’re hoping we’ve seen an end to the worst weather but this is the UK and it more than like isn’t going to be the end.

This post is a continuation of our last post fencing struggles.

So lets take a look at the conditions we have been working in during the storms and some of the fences we have been faced with.

So the recent storm left this customer with a completely exposed garden. There was a public footpath to the rear of this garden. The customer also had a dog so there was a couple of reasons why we had to get the property secure again as soon as possible.

It wasn’t easy. Putting up 7ft high fence’s during the storm and bad weather its a difficult task. High winds and strong gusts wreak havoc at the best of times let alone whilst trying to hold still a 6ft pence panel and a 50kg concrete post.

The end result is here to see.

  • Great looking fence.
  • Secure back garden.
  • Pooch has the freedom of the back garden once again.
  • Old fence taken away
  • Happy customer

Check out the review on check a trade on our fencer in Redditch profile page.

Feature fence

Our next feature focuses on another challenge during this terrible wet weather. MUD!

This customer in Redditch has a very similar issue. The recent storm ripped through this fence like butter. With wooden posts having a very limited life span compared to concrete posts they will rot and break at ground level anytime after 7-8 years. Even faster if they are constantly being exposed to water. High winds and storms will snap any weak fence posts like twigs and this is a classic example. This fence has been erected approximately 10 years prior. It was a replacement for an existing wooden fence. Had this fence been replaced with concrete posts this situation would not be reocurring.

Due to the heavy rainfall during the recent storms the ground we are faced with working on becomes very wet and muddy. trying to keep balance with such a slippery ground is not the easiest.

We was also faced with several tree stumps like the one pictures above. The stumps did not cause us much of an issue but the roots from these old trees we found under the ground when digging out for our posts. Hard Work.

The end result.

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