Redditch Paving & Landscapes (RPL) are complete experts in driveware and in particular Block Paving.

RPL Drives are ranked number one in Redditch for a reason. We lay new professional drive ways in a swift timescale to our customer specifications.

We work on residential or commercial drives and car parks in Redditch and surrounding areas.

Shared parking area for flats in Redditch.

Block Paving Repairs

If your block paving has some issues like sinking we can help repair your driveway.

Over time drives especially block paving can experience sinking issues. This can be down to a number of reasons and in most cases can be a simple fix within a day depending on the size of the area.

Drive extension

If you currently have a driveway and are looking to extend your drive then look no further than RPL Drives.

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