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Garden makeover by Redditch Paving & Landscapes

If you’re currently looking for a landscape company in Redditch to renovate your garden or driveway in 2021 then we may have some bad news for you.

COVID19 Pandemic

The covid pandemic (2019-2021) has seen majority of businesses including manufacturers being forced to close.

This includes many manufacturers especially in the building and construction industry. The knock on effect of these business closing during the pandemic means materials are in short supply. Some parts of the country have been strugglig to get any type of concrete product from cement to fence pasts and gravel boards.

In addition to the shortage of materials the pandemic has also created more work due to many people not being able to go on holiday. The next best thing is to renovate their houses, gardens and driveways and enjoy the home life instead of going on holiday.

Is this the reason?

In short the answer to this question is NO. A shortage of materials has caused many companies lots of headaches including delays etc but here at RPL Trading we source our materials from many different suppliers meaning we have been able to operate throughout the pandemic without any major impact to our business.

So why the bad news for 2021?

Redditch Paving & Landscapes are rated as one of the top paving and landscape companies in Redditch. Because we are a superior company and come highly recommended; our services are in high demand.

There are to many landscape companies including new companies that get it wrong.

From customer service to the quality of work and after service we pride ourselves on being one of the few premium landscape companies in Redditch and surrounding areas.

For this reason RPL Trading is now fully booked up until early 2022 (Feb / March) so if you’re looking for a garden makeover or new driveway in 2021 then unfortunately we are unable to carry out the work.

I would like a quote to have work done in 2022

If you’re currently looking for quotes for work to be carried out in 2022 then we suggest getting in as early as possible to arrange a quotation and get booked in our diary.

We have currently stopped quoting for new projects until Sept / Oct 2021 where we will resume our quotes taking on new work and bookings for the remainded of 2022.

We encourage all potential customers looking to have a new driveway, a new garden, a new fence etc to get in touch around September / October time and get booked in as early as possible to avoid any disappointment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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