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When looking for a company to transform your garden or driveway there is a lot more to consider other than price.

It’s normal to have 2 or 3 companies provide a quotation for your project and deciding on the right company should have several considerations. If the price point is of such a vital importance it’s extremely important to get the right company’s in to provide a quotation from the start.

Awarding any project based solely on price is a common mistake many people have regretted over the years. The old saying is still more evident than ever; pay cheap, pay twice.

So what should you be looking for?

Homework. It’s vitally important that you do your homework. Below are some easy things to look out for that you should consider.


Is the website professional. Is it updated. Is there full terms & conditions with a full contact information. If not it’s time to ask what are they hiding. A website that does not look professional or a free hosting company providing free websites for example might be an indication that the work could be mirrored.

On the website look out for pictures of previous projects. Not projects from 3,4 5 years ago or even longer but continued evidence of work showing not only the quality of work but also the different types of work. i.e. if a company has no pictures or any driveways and no recent images of work on driveways they have completed then the questions should be asked. If there is no images of retaining walls, sleeper work and this is what you project entails then any experience in these areas will be questionable.


Does the company have any reviews? Check out more than just the place the company encourages you to look at. facebook etc but seach online and look for other areas where feedback and reviews are left. Trade directories and review sites are a great place to start. Try websites like checkatrade and, facebook and even trust pilot. If you look at all of these types of sites you will see plenty of reviews. No reviews on checkatrade and non on but 15 5* reviews on facebook alone shoult get the alarm bells ringing.


Many companys claim to be experienced in different fields but you should be looking for proof of this along with maybe some examples of the work carried out.

Scouring through the website trying to fine examples of driveways for example could just be wasting your time. Simply ask for some local examples backed up with the address so you can take a quick look at the images not only on the website but in real life as well.

Premium landscape designer

If you have a large garden or large driveway then you should be considering a premium landscape and driveway company like ourselves for experience to handle such a large project should be second nature. With out the necessary experience you could regret your decisons.

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