Many people are looking to upgrade their garden patios. Whether you’re looking to extend your current patio or replace your patio altogether it’s important you make the right choice first time.

For the majority of people your garden should is the one place you like to enjoy and relax. From lazy summers days relaxing or hosting that annual family BBQ the garden and in particular the patio area is going to be one of the most popular area’s in your garden. For this reason alone you should think long and hard when it comes to upgrading / changing and looking for a new patio. The choice of materials for patio’s these days is huge and can be a mine field if you’re not familiar with the latest products available. 1-2 years ago we was struggling to keep up with demand for Natural Stone Paving, so much so the greedy manufactures increased the prices for natural stone up by over 200% in some areas. Covid-19 and many lockdown’s ensured the supply of natural stone was interrupted giving the manufactures and building merchants a good excuse for the unreasonable huge price hikes.

It wasn’t all in vane as many customers turned away from natural stone and went looking for an alternative products which would look just as good and last just as long. The price increases meant that natural stone was now on par with high end porcelain paving.

When we think of porcelain we tend to think of kitchen or bathroom tiles and essentially porcelain paving is exactly that but a lot thicker. On average outdoor porcelain tiles are 20mm compared with a kitchen or bathroom tile which is average of 5-7mm.

So why choose porcelain for your patio?

Porcelain patios are currently the trend. We are quoting and installing more and more porcelain patios compared to any other patio at present. One of the main reasons many people choose porcelain is down to the contemporary stylish look of porcelain compared to other materials.

Porcelain is hard wearing but very brittle at the same time. It must be handled with care and should also be laid by a professional contractor that has experience with porcelain patios. See our guide on how to choose the right contractor.

When you’re looking for a landscaper or a landscape company please take your time to look at the previous work carried out by any company and especially projects of the same type and quality you’re looking for. You should ask to see the work if in any doubt and if it is a new porcelain patio you’re looking for you should really be looking for a contractor with lots of experience with outdoor porcelain.

Porcelain patio
Porcelain patio

Redditch Paving and Landscapes (RPL) specialise in all aspects of paving, patios and driveways and have the experience and knowledge to ensure your project is handled in the right way. From small garden patios to large commercial patios we have the right team for the job.

Check out a small selection of porcelain patios recently completed by the RPL team. We cover all areas including Redditch, Birmingham, Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Henley, Solihull, Stratford-upon-Avon, Evesham, Studley, and many more surrounding areas. Arrange a free quotation today.

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