Retaining wall construction can be vitally important and if your retaining wall is not constructed correctly then at some point it is likely to fail with the potentially devistating costly results.

We have the knowledge and experience to construct a retaining wall to suit any location and situation.

Because the majority of projects are located in gardens and residential properties then the biggest reason for a retaining wall is to retain soil where a garden or joining property is on different level.

Different retaining walls

Retaining walls can be constructed out of various materials. Apart from cost there are some differences when considering which material is best for your retaining wall.

The strongest type of retaining wall is a brick / block built wall. Brick and blocks offer the strongest type of retaining wall for the majority of gardens. Depending on the size of the wall it can be constructed with both blocks and a facing brick. When the retaining wall is retaining soil and and is open to water / frost then a class B engineering brick is recommended. In any case a F2 brick will be the minimum requirement.

A brick retaining wall is extremely versatile and can be used in many applications. With bricks the wall’s can be straight, curved or even angled. Other materials are not so good when it comes to curves and shapes.

Sleeper retaining wall

Another popular choice for a retaining wall is timber. More likely due to the strength the most popular choice is a sleeper. When choosing a sleeper it’s important to understand the differences in sleeper choices from hard wood or soft wood. Hard wood is a lot stronger and a will last a lot longer, espeicially when it is subjected or exposed to water or damp conditions.

Although a sleeper retaining wall might seem to be a more cost effective way to construct a retaining wall itcan sometimes be more expensive if you go with the more expensive hardwood sleepers. Whilst they are extremely string they can come with a higher price tag.

Softwood sleepers are a popular choice for most residential customers when it comes to a retaining wall including any type of retainer used for a patio surround or a single step up to a turfed area or garden.

Whilst a sleeper retaining wall can be a great choice in some circumstances, especially if it’s in keeping with the surroundings it can be limited to the height of the retainer due to the overall strength. This is where a brick retaining wall is the better choice.

Please use the contact button to arrange a free consultation to discuss your retaining wall options and let us guide you through the process from start to finish.

From a single step sleeper retaining wall to a full on brick and block built retaining wall we have the experience to deliver the project from start to finish.

Below we have given some ideas of retaining walls for reference.

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