As 2023 draws to an end we reflect on what we believe has been a very difficult year for our company and our industry in general.

During the last twelve months we have endured some of the wettest periods for as long as I can remember. Our job has been exceptionally difficult in some extremely challenging weather conditions. Never have we as a company been so far behind our work schedule as a result of delays mainly caused by the weather.

Even though 2023 has been extremely challenging it gives me immense pleasure to announce that Redditch Paving & Landscapes has now achieved accredited member status with the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL).

As a professional company providing a first class service along with professional and high quality workmanship RPL is proud to be a member of the APL.

As a business we are aware of the competition within the industry. The compeition continues to grow with new companies starting on a regular basis. New companies popping up on a regular basis and also disappearing on a regular basis.

Many providing cheap quotations often followed by poor quality workmanship that often fails with no chance of recoving any money paid or having the failed work repaired, In the worst cases having to pay again for the work to be put right.

This is why we encourage every single person wherever they are, when looking for a contractor to work on their property to ensure 100% they have checked references, checked their work and they are 100% happy with the workmanship and professionalism of the contractor.

In any case we would encourage everyone to check the APL register for a local professional company to carry out the work. The APL has already done the hard work for you. The process of looking into the company, Inspecting the workmanship. Looking into the qualifications, insurances, contracts, terms, guarantees, and this process takes several months. Valuable time most customers do not have which is why it’s difficult to chose the right contractor to work on your property.

Redditch Paving & Landscapes have undertaken months of checks including site visits, work inspections, customer references, insurance & paperwork checks. We are proud to have passed this in-depth process and can now without question say we are the one professional paving and landscaping contractor in Redditch.

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