Pressure washing cleaning

Drive and Patio cleaning services from Redditch Paving & Landscapes.

We pride ourselves on our first rate service. A thorough clean by us and your drive and patio could look brand new again.

If your drive or patio has been neglected over long periods stretching years the dirt and grime that will build up can stain and leave your precious drive / garden looking old and tatty.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to. We all have a busy life and do not have the time it can take to maintain these areas properly so we take this hassle and headache away for you and return your old tired looking drives to there former glory.

Have a browse through some of our previous projects and you can view a selection of drives and patio’s that have had the TLC they deserve.

If just thinking about spending your weekends cleaning the garden or jet washing the drive fills you with dread then worry no more. Just get in touch with Redditch Paving & Landscapes and we will be happy to give you some friendly help and advice.