Fencing Redditch

If your garden fence (or any fence) needs replacing then we can help. We can replace your existing fence panels with new panels and posts including all materials and labour.

The high winds during stormy and bad weather can cause your fence to become unstable and even break down completely. If you find yourself in this situation call Redditch Paving and landscaping to the rescue.

Most wooden fence posts will rot over a number of years having sat underneath the ground soaking up water that is draining away. This leads to weak rotten fence posts and these posts will eventually fail to withstand the weight of the panels and wind together.

There is also a danger your fence could fall on someone causing serious injury. Don’t wait until your fence has blown over to replace it.

Call us today for some free friendly advise and no obligation quote.

Whether you’re looking to replace or repair your current fence panels we office a service that will suit your needs.

We offer fencing in Redditch, Bromsgrove and all surrounding areas.

There are many different options from concrete posts and gravel boards to wooden posts with rails. We can also supply wooden gravel boards and a choice of fence panels to suit your requirements and budget.