If you’re looking for a professional pavinging contractor in Reddich or a slabbing contractor in surrounding areas to work on any project involving laying paving slabs then Redditch Paving can help you.

We have many years experience in the industry and our friendly professional team can lay any type of slab in any situation. We specialise in Natural stone paving, Porcelain tiles, York stone, Sandstone, Pressed concrete, Granite paving, Limestone. In fact, there isn”t any type of materials we will not work with.

Our fully inclusive service means we will come and give you free advice and no obligation quote.

From start to finish your project and satisfaction is our priority.

We will ensure you are completely happy with all aspects of the work we carry out before during and after.

There is an art to laying slabs and we often find that many companies cut corners when it comes to laying patios and slabbed ares in gardens and pathways.

If you find you have loose slabs in your garden / patio then we can fix and relay the slabs and give you advice.